LEVEL – Beginners.

SIZE – Tall 9 1/2″,  Wide 5″.

This holder can carry several scissors safely or you can make several as silverwear and napkin holders for your  🙂


  • Pot Lucks
  • B B Q’s  or
  • Simple get-Togethers.

    Prepare beforehand by folding your napkin in the top and slipping your knife, fork and spoon inside and stack them ready, next to your plates for your guests.

    A set makes a great gift too.



Summer Fun 1


LEVEL – Beginner.

SIZE – 60″ x 71″

Summer Fun 2

This is truly a beginners project using one easy block, to produce this wall or throw quilt.

Different Kaffe prints in the sample quilts here make it sizzle and putting it “On Point” just adds more interest.
Both the focus and background blocks start with 10″ squares making an efficient use of fabric.

Two versions of this quilt are included in the pattern.

I would love to see different versions of this quilt-perhaps without using Kaffe fabrics or black and white as the background squares.

Email me your version.

Summer Fun 3

I have used an extra wide binding for this quilt with a narrow false border just inside the binding.

Full instructions with diagrams included if you have not done this before.

Price $10.00





This is a panel that lends itself to practice your free motion quilting skills and patterns whether you are a relative beginner or have some prior experience.

I sandwiched the panel using two layers of batting. This allows the areas that you do not free motion quilt to puff up and give your flower more dimension. I used the temporary spray adhesive. Having no safety pins in the work is a bonus!

I then chose three colours or shades of embroidery thread to quilt the panel. The panel changes colour or shades as you work your way out to the edges. One of your threads could be your bobbin thread throughout the project.

I simply outlined the petals and echoed that outline on the INSIDE of each petal. I made the echo wider as I got out to the larger petals.

On the blue/purple panel, called AURORA, I simply played with different feathers or feather related patterns in each petal.

On the pink panel, called ROSE, I played with different patterns, sometimes splitting the petal down the middle with a vein and doing a different pattern in each half.

The third panel for sale is unquilted and is called, OPAL.

If you look at my quilted panels you will find that they are far from perfect but I thoroughly enjoyed quilting both and found that having the small areas to quilt simply liberated my pattern choices.
Just have fun girls and don’t over worry about it. Simply treat it as a practice piece and you will be surprised with the end result.

Each panel comes 44″ wide and is 1 1/4 yds long. Aurora, Rose or Opal.

Price $16.00 a panel and $2.00 shipping.

Xmas Gnome #258

DSCF1686 - CopyLevel – Beginner.

Size – 18″ high without the hat kinks!

This pattern was developed after I had seen a picture of a small fabric “Nisse”.

A Nisse is a Scandinavian mythological “fellow” that lives in the barn and looks after the animals, particularly in the cold winter months.

Mine is made around an individual water bottle.

Use up your fabric scraps and batting BUT be careful. If you show them around-

Everyone will want one!

Price $10.00

Table Topper (249)

DSCF1208Level- Confident Beginner

Size – 32″x32″

This quilt was designed to teach a project with partial seams. Partial seams being a lot easier than Y seams!
The scallop template is included and full instructions on how to cut, make and attach a bias binding to the curved edges perfectly.

Price:  $10.00

Random 2 (248)

DSCF1335 - CopyLevel – Beginner

Size- 56″x65″

This is the next in this series which was begging to be done.
I have added an extra strip to the strip piecing which gives it a more
interesting look, I believe.
Still  7 graduating fabrics from Gelato from the Elite fabric line.

Price:  $10.00

Random 1 (247)

DSCF1337 - CopyLevel- Beginner

Size – 56″x 65″

This quilt can easily be made in a day!
It is made with the beautiful graduating Gelato fabrics by Elite.
We choose 7 different fabrics but of course have different shades in each
By strip piecing and then sub cutting the strips we form the blocks quickly and
The blocks are laid in a random pattern and the quilt is completed with one of
the graduating fabrics running around in a border than changes shades

Price:  $10.00

Wiggles 2 (241)

Wiggles 2-241Level – Beginner

Size – 61″ X 73″ Wall or Throw

The second strip pieced quilt in this series, but made with only thirty 2 1/2″ strips. I used three 2 1/2″ strips from each of ten different Kaffe fabrics. Students have made this quilt with batiks and with veterans red, white and blue and they looked stunning.

Price – $10.00

Wiggles 1 (240)

Wiggles 1-240Level – Beginner

Size – 66″ X 89″ Twin or Large Throw

This is a strip pieced quilt made with a 40 strip jelly roll. I made it with two 2 1/2″ strips from 15 different Kaffe fabrics. But it would look just as dramatic made with other sets of jelly rolls cialis preise österreich!

Price – $10.00

Disappearing 9-Patch Bed Quilts (233)

233Level – Beginners and up.

Size – Throw, Twin, Queen & King

This is truly a very easy quilt to make and based on a very old pattern.

We start with strip piecing to produce a 9-patch made up of large 8″ squares.

We cut up the 9-patch, shuffle, and re-sew to produce this easy but stunning bed quilt.

Only three fabrics to choose!

Scallop pattern and instructions included should you want the scallop pizazz on the sides.


Stacked on the Side (236)

236Level – Confident Beginner and Up

Size – Throw or Wall – 56″ x 67 1/2″

This is a simple quilt made up of only squares and rectangles.  The “stack” on the side makes it unusual and the Fassett fabrics makes it look stunning.

To “contain” the quilt, I have added a narrow “false” border just before doing the binding.  Quilting suggestions and quilting drawings are included.


236I had to make this quilt in blacks, whites, and greys with a touch of red.  Very smart and perhaps will suit the man in your life!


Bed Quilts for Beginners (232)

232Level – Absolute Beginner

Size:  Throw, Twin, Queen, and King sizes included in pattern

This is a super easy quilt to make.  The block seams don’t even line up – how easy is that?

Only four fabrics to choose!



Quilt Made by Yukie Yamane

Geisha Girl (227)

227Level – Beginner

Size:  46″ x 60″

This quilt is built around a center panel cut at 23″ x 42 1/2″.

A super easy quilt to make with an asymmetrical look.

Center panel for sale:  $15.00 (includes shipping)

Pattern:  $10.00



Geisha Panel: 

101 – So Easy (231)










Level-Absolute Beginners

Size – Beds
Throw or Twin  66″x86″
Queen              86″x96″
King                 106″x96″

I designed this quilt for beginners who wished to make a bed quilt for their home.

It is simply 8 1/2″ squares with a simple sashing on two sides of each square.  This accomodates the offset look of the quilt and makes it look more difficult that it actually is.  Sewn together in straight rows with two borders to complete.

Easy Easy Easy.

I used Philip Jacobs and Kaffe fabrics for a bright look but ou could use more conservative fabrics for a more subdued offset.


20 Asian Blocks Plus (225)

Level- Piecing-Beginner – plus machine raw edge applique ( the Mc Kenna Ryan method)

Size -48″x58″

This quilt is made up of twenty 8″ finished blocks with sashing in between.

The fabric pieces that float outside the blocks are simply added after the quilt top is sewn.

They have a fusible web on the back and are simply machine raw edge appliqued to secure.

I have featured asian fabrics but you could showcase your favorite fabrics just as well.


Unique Twirling Blocks (226)

Level – Beginner.

Size -38″x42″

Simple “Stack and Whack” four patch blocks made from one fabric piece!

Choose a fabric that has a curvy, or interesting large print with a variety of shapes, scale of pattern and colors that you like.

I favored this black and white print initially 226but have subsequently made it with three other colored fabrics with marvellous and quite different results.

You will become addicted!


The black and white focus fabric for this quilt can be purchased here. One and
three quarter yards for $20.00 (includes shipping charges).


Streaks of Lightning (205)

205Level – Beginners and Upwards

Bed Quilt – Twin, Double, Queen and King Sizes Included

This is an ideal quilt for the beginner or someone who wishes to complete a large bed quilt in record time. Choose your fabrics to match your décor. The fabrics are cut into 41/2′ strips and then sub-cut and sewn right into rows without having to match seams.

Price $10.00

Beginners Picnic (206)

206Level – Beginners

46″ X 52″

Beginners! Beginners! Beginners! An easy quilt to make!
Chose six different fabrics to become your quilt background and one ‘star’ fabric to ‘pop.’
We cut and sew only 3 1/2″ squares for the background. We turn one background and one ‘star’ square into half square triangle ‘star’ blocks. Easy!

We sew our squares into straight rows and sew the rows together. Easy!
Two simple borders to put on and you are a quilt maker!
Your choice of fabrics will decide if you have a calm looking quilt or a vibrant ‘popping’ quilt perhaps made with batiks.

Price $10.00

Four Block Sampler (203)

203Level – Confident Beginners

Size: 36″ X 36″

The next stage for beginners where you learn to make four ‘different’ 12” finished blocks with sashing strips and setting squares and one border. Each block takes you through cutting and sewing different shapes, such as rectangles, squares, half square triangles and a square in a square. If you are a ‘seasoned’ quilter, I have included a template for the scalloped edge with full direction on how to attach the bias binding.

Price $10.00

Rainbow in a Basketweave (202)

202Level – Beginner

Size: 72″ X 72″

This is an easy strip pieced quilt. You will need seventeen analogous colors (colors that lie next to each other on the color wheel). We number them 1-17 and sew strips of 123 together, then 234 together, 345 together, 456 together and so on, then simply cut these strips into blocks. There is a diagram to show how to lay the blocks out and sew together in rows. A great easy project to learn how to strip piece and have a dramatic quilt at the end.

Price $10.00

Party Time (213)

213Level – Beginners

Size 51″ X 59″

An easy quilt made with the left over stripy batiks from Pretty Pyramids. A block quilt made with all ½ square triangles. So simple!
It is simply two half square triangles sewn into squares. The squares are set on point and sewn in diagonal lines.
Easy, Easy!

Price $10.00

Sun Seekers (105)

105Level –Beginners and upwards

Size 32” x 25”

This pattern depicts a tranquil, evening, skyline scene. Learn to appliqué using the easy fusible technique and machine appliqué your design. Choose your own background sky color to create your ‘quilt mood’ to create your own original, one of a kind, work of art.

Price $10.00

Midnight Mischief (104)

104Level –Beginners and upwards

Size 28” x 24”

This is a Halloween machine appliqué wall hanging.

A crooked witches house, full moon complete with ghosts, bats and pumpkins!
The appliqués are made with a light fusible web to be attached with either a straight machine stitch around their perimeter or a machine zigzag or satin stitch, whichever is your preference.

Put as many bats, ghosts and pumpkins on as and where you wish!

Price $10.00

Rowers Rest (101)

101Level –Beginners and Upwards

Finished Size 31½” x 26½”

An easy fusible web appliqué wall hanging depicting a tranquil scene. The appliqués are pre-assembled in groups on an appliqué sheet first and then the group units are then assembled together quickly , accurately and easily .

Price $10.00